On November 24 thematic day “The Voice of a Woman” was held in Kyiv, which gathered about 40 participants from different regions of the country.

It was held right before the First National Forum of People Who Use Drugs.

During the event, many important issues related to the mobilization of women, the protection of their rights, the fight against stigma and discrimination and other rather interesting issues were discussed.

A discussion on violence and multiple discrimination against women was also held. Practical international experience on the elimination of all forms of violence, discrimination, violation of rights, including the right to parenthood, in relation to women who use drugs, and its introduction in Ukraine were told. The emphasis was also placed on the importance of ratifying the “Istanbul Convention” of the Council of Europe to combat violence and discrimination against women in Ukraine, and this is especially important for representatives of all key groups.

In the course of the work, workshops on reproductive health topics and their preservation were conducted, as well as workshops on the rules of behavior with the police and interaction with law enforcement bodies.

The final part of the theme day  “The  Voice of a Woman” was the decision to create a Ukrainian Network of Women Using Drugs.

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