Partnership to Inspire, Transform and Connect the HIV Response – PITCH

Implementation period: 01.05.2017-31.12.2018

Source of funding:  ICF “Alliance for Public Health” with financial support from the Government of the Netherlands, in partnership with the International HIV/AIDS Alliance (UK) and Aids Fonds (The Netherlands)

Grant Amount: 100400 $

The purpose of the project

The project aims to ensure equal access to HIV services, as well as services in the fields of sexual, reproductive health and rights for people most vulnerable to HIV, to ensure equal and full rights for key populations, to strengthen the capacity of local organizations that carry out advocacy activities to achieve these goals.

Target audience

  • SMT patients and people who use drugs with a special focus on women
  • partners and parents of people who use drugs

Ensuring equal access to social, reproductive and legal services, as well as the creation of a positive image, as parents, is an important stage in the socialization of people who use drugs, especially women. Mobilizing and creating a network of women using drugs will foster the development of women’s empowerment and advocacy at all levels, including the involvement of community leaders in the regional HIV/AIDS coordinating committees. Conducting research on sexual and reproductive health will reveal specific needs in the context of parenthood.

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