A film about the work of the national hotline for substance dependence and OST issues

Substitution maintenance therapy is one of the most effective ways of treatments of substance dependence.  This is evidenced by the conclusions of World Health Organization.

More than 10 000 people already became clients’ of substitution maintenance therapy in our country, but programs require extension, especially in regions.

You can learn about the benefits of substitution maintenance therapy by calling the National Hotline for substance dependence and SMT issues (0-800-507-727). Calls are free.

Specialists of the service will not only tell how to get the preparation, but also provide information about the addresses and phone numbers of OST sites. A qualified lawyer cooperates with the organization to help resolve conflicts with medical facilities’ workers or law enforcement agencies.

During the 2015-2017 years, the Hotline received about 8,000 hits. Behind every call there is a person who seeks to get the vital-necessary preparation.

More about substitution maintenance therapy and activities of the National Hotline can be found from the film or by phone 0-800-507-727.

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