On September 22, a meeting was held between the “Hope and Trust” Foundation, which implements a project to support the National Hotline on Viral Hepatitis issues, and the Center for Public Health. The President of the Fund Svetlana Tkalya and the Head of the Hotline Sergey Botvin were present from us. Center for Public Health was represented by Deputy Director General of Infectious Diseases Supervision Hetman Larysa Ivanivna and coordinator of the development of treatment services Irina Ivanchuk.

The meeting was quite productive, many issues on cooperation with the aim of overcoming the epidemic of viral hepatitis in the country were discussed. A memorandum of cooperation will be signed between our organizations in the near future. An agreement was also reached on the exchange of information. At present, the Center forms a base of hepatitis centers, which will be provided by the Hotline. In addition, a separate site will be created shortly for the treatment of hepatitis where information about hotline  will be available as Center for Public Health partner.

It is also indicative that we were the first visitors in the new premises of the Center, to which they just moved. Therefore, we hope that our interaction will be fruitful and mutually beneficial.

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