As part of the “Partnership to Inspire, Transform and Connect HIV Response” Project  representatives of the “Hope and Trust” Foundation organized meetings to mobilize WUD in 5 regions: Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Odessa, Poltava, and Kharkiv.

The main purpose of these meetings was to identify the pressing issues faced by women using drugs. The essence of these problems is practically the same everywhere. The key issues discussed during the meetings were the problems of discrimination, violations of rights by law enforcement agencies and medical personnel, self-stigmatization. Although there are some regional peculiarities. So in Odessa, the question was raised about the illegal issue of personal data of patients undergoing substitution maintenance therapy, and in Kharkiv, attempts were made to discriminate against parents of patients by law enforcement officers.

Also, advocacy issues were discussed in order to overcome the problems, first of all related to the violation of the rights of patients of substitution therapy.

In each region, the needs of community representatives were discussed and identified.

During the meetings, opinion poll was conducted on sexual and reproductive health and the rights and needs of women who use drugs in the context of parenthood. The same opinion poll was conducted on-line at the site. We currently have a large number of questionnaires at our disposal. After final processing, we will publish the results of the study. And the conclusions that will be drawn on the basis of the results will contribute to defining a program of action for the protection of the parental rights of women who use drugs.

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